Utility grid technologies and infrastructure keep the lights on and the wheels of industrialized society spinning. In the wealthy parts of the world, utility grids work well enough that many of us can blithely ignore them.

Yet reliable energy and water supplies are no less essential to modern humanity than are stable governments, safe cities, affordable food, and clean air.

Through focused research and engineering, Grid Insight works with utilities, technology companies, and citizens to use utility grid technologies for public benefit.

We began by expanding access to the first generation smart grid – what had previously been the “closed” wireless technologies that dominated the automated meter reading (AMR) market beginning in the late 1980s. In 2011, Grid Insight was the first company to enable open access to the energy and water consumption data found in the radio signals transmitted by Itron ERT utility meters – signals that have filled the ether around us for years yet have been largely underutilized.

Grid Insight has engineered its own ultra-low-cost AMR receiver technology to be compatible with Itron ERT electricity, water, and gas meter transmitters; Badger ORION water and gas meter transmitters; Hersey/Mueller Hot Rod water transmitters; Neptune R900 water meter transmitters; and Kamstrup flowIQ water meters. Collectively, these technologies represent the vast majority of the hundreds of millions of deployed AMR transmitters in North America and the Caribbean. Through Grid Insight’s work developing simple, least-cost technology solutions, many of the seemingly distant benefits promised by smart meters and the smart grid of the future can be affordably realized using technology that is already in the field today.

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